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Xiaomi Mobile Phone

Black Shark Mobile Phone is a mobile phone brand of the main game esports developed by Xiaomi Technology. It is equipped with Snapdragon 845 processor and adopts 18:9 full screen design. The main products are Black Shark Gaming Phone and Balck Shark Helo Phone. Black Shark game mobile phone is the first multi-layer direct-contact liquid cooling system (MultilayerCooling-Kit) used on mobile phones. The coolant, high thermal conductivity copper alloy substrate and nano-composite graphite are combined in depth, and the heat dissipation area is up to 6000mm2. Compared with the non-heat pipe, the integrated liquid cooling system increases the CPU cooling efficiency by 20 times, the running time of the CPU at the maximum frequency by 70%, and the CPU core temperature by 8 °C.

Black Shark Phones

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